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     2017 was our sixth year for the Santa Fe Auto-X and we are proud to say that to date; this top shelf annual training taught almost 500 fire and rescue personnel from many different departments and agencies from over 16 U.S. states and even a Fire Chief from Zambia Africa! We have helped to recycle over three hundred cars too! Thank you to the vendors and departments that loan us their finest instructors. And a special thank you to the students that made this class possible!

        We continue to receive inquiries about the next class...

The Santa Fe Auto- X will be standing down for 2018, and will not offer this class. There may be another NM Fire Department that will pick up this class that; fills to capacity year after year, and is a training that is sought out by First Responders from all across the United States. We will keep you updated on what we hear.

In the meantime, here are some other fine Auto-X training's around the Southwest and Western United States that may be of interest to you.

   Arvada Auto-X. Arvada, Colorado

   Corona Auto-X. Corona California.

   Crunch Time. Gig Harbor, Washington

Stay safe. Train every day.



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